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Discover Manu aims to inspire everyone with the astounding beauty of theĀ The Manu Biosphere Reserve by incorporating a digital archive of images and video with a crowd-sourced knowledge resource.

If you want to show off your amazing photos of Manu, have a brilliant story about the area, or know someone who might please send an email to

Submission guidelines:

  1. The aim of the site is to promote Manu as the amazing place it is, to do this effectively the site will be non-promotional, i.e. it will focus on Manu itself, not promoting any individual people or brands.
  2. Credit for any submissions will be provided, including a link to the individual or organisation’s website.
  3. The site will accept both the submission of full articles and individual photos and videos.
  4. Submissions should be sent to
  5. All content will be vetted so that there is no advertisement on the site, but credit and a link back to those who provided the content will be provided.
  6. Posts should focus on images with a short amount of text, no more than 500 words but ideally 250 or less. See the site for examples of suitable posts.
  7. Images should be captioned with the correct copyright.
  8. Images of animals should also be captioned with the species name if possible.
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