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Monkeys in Manu

There are lots of different species of primate living in the Manu Biosphere Reserve. But despite all belonging to the same order there is a lot of variation in these monkeys.

From the Large:

Woolly Monkey - Lagothrix lagotricha
Woolly Monkey – Lagothrix lagotricha

The Woolly monkey uses it’s prehensile tail to move through the trees easily despite it’s large size. The name comes from their soft curly hair which ranges from brown to black.

Red Howler Monkey - Alouatta puruensis
Red Howler Monkey – Alouatta puruensis

Howler Monkeys are thought to be the loudest land animal in the world and their calls can be heard up to 3 miles away. Click here to listen to some of their calls.

Peruvian Spider Monkey - Ateles chamek
Peruvian Spider Monkey – Ateles chamek

From a distance spider monkeys resemble giant versions of their namesakes moving through the trees. They can swing at very high speeds from tree to tree.

And Medium sized:

Brown Capuchin - Sapajus apella
Brown Capuchin – Sapajus apella

Capuchin monkeys are named after the order of friars with the same name. The friars wore brown robes with hoods that covered their heads and so explorers who first encountered these monkeys thought they resembled the friars.

Bolivian Squirrel Monkey - Saimiri boliviensis
Bolivian Squirrel Monkey – Saimiri boliviensis

All male squirrel monkeys are colour-blind, but only around a third of females are. This is because their genes for colour sensitivity are on the x chromosome, and so most females will end up with two different colour sensitivity genes but males will only get one.

To the Small:

Saddle-backed Tamarin - Saguinus fuscicollis
Saddle-backed Tamarin – Saguinus fuscicollis

Only one dominant female in a group of saddle back tamarins will breed, and she will almost always give birth to twins. After the birth the rest of the family group will look after the twins to share the burden.

Emperor Tamarin - Saguinus imperator
Emperor Tamarin – Saguinus imperator

The emperor tamarin is thought to be named after the German emperor Wilhelm II, since they both have rather impressive moustaches. Although the tamarin is much smaller than it’s namesake at around 25cm long (not including the tail).

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