Cocha Cashu Biological Station

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Manu is a vital area for biological and ecological research, and many scientists are interested in conducting studies within the pristine rainforest of the Biosphere Reserve. This often takes them to the Cocha Cashu Biological Station, founded in the late … Continue reading

Macaws at the Claylick

Red-and-Green Macaws - Ara chloropterus Red-and-Green Macaws - Ara chloropterus © Admin 2013

In Manu, as in many other area of the western Amazon, Macaws will come daily to feed on clay from a clay lick or ‘collpa’. This is a good opportunity to see large numbers of the birds, which can be … Continue reading

Levels of the Canopy

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A large part of Manu National Park is made up of rainforest. The key to understanding this unique environment is to look at it as layers. At the top we have the emergent layer, this is where a small number … Continue reading

Orchids of the Cloud Forest

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As well as being a unique and stunning environment the cloud forest is home to plethora of orchid species. Their strange and delicate flowers are a perfect match for the strange and delicate cloud forest environment. Here are some stunning close … Continue reading

Puna Grassland

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The Puna grassland is one of the three ecoregions in Manu National Park and is located at the highest altitude, above the cloud forest. It is considered one of the eight Natural Regions in Peru, but extends south as far … Continue reading

The Diamante Community

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In the Buffer zone around the Manu National Park, close to the Boca Manu Airstrip, is the community of Diamante, home to around 400 of the Yine people. Another Yine community, called Island of the Valleys, is located at the … Continue reading

Manu short film wins UN prize

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Reynaldo: Rainforest Hero, a short film, made in the Manu region by Dan Childs and Nick Werber, is one of the winners of the UN Forum on Forests Short Film Festival! Watch it here or find out about the other winners … Continue reading

Night Monkeys

Interestingly the genus of night monkeys is one of the few primate genuses that is affected by malaria other than humans. © 2013 admin. All rights reserved.

Night monkeys are some of the strangest animals you might encounter in the Manu Biosphere Reserve.  Also known as owl monkeys, they are the only truly nocturnal genus of monkeys. Here are some rare daylight pictures of them taken in … Continue reading