The Manu River

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The heart on the Manu Biosphere Reserve is the Manu River, it is the centre of a stunning landscape, an important transport link for both the people that live in Manu and those who visit, and most importantly it’s waters … Continue reading

Petroglyphs of Pusharo

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The Manu National Park is home to diverse wildlife, ecosystems and peoples. However, it is also the home to a mystery. The petroglyphs of pusharo. These mysterious carvings are set to be investigated by a group of scientists on the … Continue reading

Cloud Forest

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Manu’s cloud forest is a unique and eerie environment that you wouldn’t expect to find just a stone’s throw away from the Amazon rainforest. Often completely shrouded in fog, the trees are shorter and more twisted than their jungle cousins, … Continue reading

Beautiful Butterflies

Butterfly (3) © Bertie Gregory

A whopping 1300 species of butterflies can be found in Manu National Park and they are all stunning, you can see some of our favourites in the gallery bellow. As well feeding on nectar many butterflies gather nourishment from the … Continue reading

Manu’s Manakins

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If you’ve ever watched a documentary about birds of the Amazon rainforest chances are you’ve watched the amazing courtship displays of male manakins. These tiny birds put on an impressive display and at least 10 species can be seen in … Continue reading