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Tree Frogs of Manu

Tree frogs are abundant in Manu. As the name implies, these frogs are typically found high in the trees. They do not normally descend to the ground except,  in some species, to mate and spawn.

Manaus slender-legged tree frog - Osteocephalus taurinus
Manaus slender-legged tree frog – Osteocephalus taurinus

There are two lineages of tree frogs and their last common ancestor was around before the time of the dinosaurs. Though they followed different evolutionary pathways they are now so similar that if one group lives in a particular ecosystem the other won’t be able too, there just won’t be any space.

Convict tree frog - Hypsiboas Calcarata
Convict tree frog – Hypsiboas Calcarata
Phyllomedusa vaillanti
Phyllomedusa vaillanti

The tree frog genus of phyllomedusa has opposable thumbs, just like us! Others have opposable fingers, two facing forward and two facing back. it is thought that this helps them to climb trees.

Bereis' tree frog - Dendropsophus leucophyllatus
Bereis’ tree frog – Dendropsophus leucophyllatus
 Gladiator Treefrog - Hypsiboas boans
Gladiator Treefrog – Hypsiboas boans

Some tree frogs lay their eggs in foamy nests up in the canopy , these are positioned above bodies of water so that when the tadpoles hatch they will fall into a safe home.Tree frogs are usually tiny, as their whole weight has to be carried by the branches and twigs in their habitats. While some reach 10 cm (4 in) or more, they are typically smaller and more slender than the terrestrial frogs you will find in your garden pond.

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